New Robotic Dairy


McWilkys have recently completed a project wiring up a new Robotic Dairy in Riana.

A Robotic Diary allows the cows to come to milk themselves by having free access to the Automatic Milking System (AMS). The cows are individually identified by a tag, which can pick up if a cow has been milked recently or not and therefore only allow access to though the electronic gates if required. There is a robot that cleans the udder and a laser point to pick up where to attach each of the pumps. The Robotic dairy can also allow for personalized feeding programs and alert of any issues

The project consisted of::

  • Wiring of Robots
  • Wiring of Vats
  • Installation of power for Sewerage pumps
  • Installation of power for Washdown pumps
  • Wiring and installation of power for Scratching brushes
  • Wiring of Compressors
  • Supply and installation of Switchboards
  • Installation of Generator auto changeover switch
  • Supply and installation of sensor high bay lighting